About us

Jackson Hole Originals is a line of genuine outdoor apparel and cool premium quality indoor clothing, inspired by those who conquered the Rocky Mountains’ harsh climate and tough surroundings centuries ago. Our mission is to maintain that original spirit by carefully combining old wisdom with new updated technology and design. Our design represents a timeless style rather than the latest trends. We opt for quality over quantity and encourage our customers to follow our path of ‘Slow Fashion” by simply choosing well – buying less.  

Our story

About the brand

We are passionate about a style that developed among hunters and horsemen in the Rocky Mountains centuries ago. In the 1970s, this became a style embraced by adventurers and explorers in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It all begun with the iconic down vests with a seamless single-piece leather yoke. Without losing the original spirit, we have re-imagined these long forgotten classic designs and carefully adapted them with a modern approach, some of them named after iconic places in the Jackson Hole area.

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