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How to stay warm when the weather is unreliable

We've all been there. Spring is starting to show its pretty face. Sun is shining. Blue skies. Maybe even a flower or two in our garden. And we ditch our jacket. You can be sure that it won't be long until the wind starts to pick up, clouds all over the sky and temperatures drop! Who knew that spring weather was unreliable right?!

You've heard your mother say it, and the guy in the sporting goods store and Im going to say it as well. Layers. Dress in layers and you can easily adapt accordingly to the quick changes of temperatures. 

This is not a guide for those of you doing any extreme sports, you know what works for you

This is for you who want to catch some sunlight on the weekend, hang out with you families in the woods, go riding och just chill in the city park enjoying a soy latte and taking a selfie in the great light.

A good first layer of merino wool is important, it will help your body stay just the right temperature and transport moist (sweat) away from you. With this layer of merino your next one won't be as important, just make sure its made out of a  breathable material. 

Add a light down vest, such as our Sundance Vest, that can be used as your only outerwear when its warmer and when temperatures drop you can add a light shell jacket that is water and windproof. These usually can be folded small enough to pack in most bags making sure you are prepared for what the weather gods may throw at you