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Jackson Hole as seen from the top of Snow King Mountain

Jackson Hole as seen from the top of Snow King Mountain


Things are getting more similar and rectified these days. However, once in a while something special enough to make a difference comes along.

Jackson Hole Originals is a clothing line passionate about a style that developed among cowboys and horsemen in the Rockies for centuries. A style that later was embraced by adventurers in Jackson Hole, WY, in the 70’s. Thereof our brand name. 

Our mission is to maintain this original style by carefully combining long forgotten wisdom with new updated design. By doing this we create clothing that is timeless, long lasting and great looking whether you are in the back country or hiking the canyons of Wall Street.



Wyoming is where we refuel our passion, gather inspiration and knowledge. The townsfolk, the mountains, the wildlife and the outdoors – everything really – in Jackson Hole leaves you with an impression, a memory or a reflection. It’s a town where time manages to stand still yet move forward in an incredible pace. Jackson Hole succeeds to grow and evolve as a town without losing its roots and heritage. A quality and a state of mind we embraced. That’s WY.

A buffalo

No bull. It's a buffalo.