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Sustainability at Jackson Hole Originals - founded and based in Sweden

To the team at Jackson Hole Originals, sustainability is all about taking on a social and environmental responsibility for how our products are manufactured, what materials we use, how we transport our products and ultimately how we market and sell these products. This is a continuous process, as means of production, materiel and transportation constantly improve and develop. What was regarded the best solution yesterday will most likely be exchanged to an improved one of tomorrow.

Our business idea is based on the idea of ‘slow fashion’, where we opt for quality over quantity and encourage our customers to adopt the same mindset by “choose well – buy less”. As result, we do not present a full new collection every season, our design is instead intended to represent a timeless style many people can find to their liking rather following the latest trends. In addition, we also strive to be a role model through our products, focusing on a healthy lifestyle.  

Short-term action plan:


  • To only work with certified suppliers according to the Global Standard, Fair Trade and Wrap Compliance in Europe and thereby shorten transportation routes.
  • To continuously increase the use of digital channels to market and sell our products.
  • To establish routines enabling a re-use or second life of our products.
  • By improving processes on our own or via networks we will continuously monitor that the relevant working environment laws are followed throughout the production.
  • By improving processes on our own or via networks we will continuously monitor that environmental regulations are followed in throughout the production.


Long-term action plan:


  • To work together with our suppliers and customers in a circular system to strive for a complete recycling, re-use or second life of JHO products.
  • To only use zero emission means of transportation of our products and people of the team.
  • To actively contribute to and share the preventive work by continuously improve our impact regarding social responsibility and the working conditions in the countries of production, distribution, administration and sales.


Material, fabrics and current production: 


  • Down jackets: the location for the production today is China, using 90/10 down from RDS-certified suppliers.
  • Accessories and labels: locally produced in Sweden, mainly by waste pieces of high quality leather.
  • Jersey collection: entirely ecological, the manufacturer in India certified in line with, se,
  • Shopping bags: entirely made up by recycled materials.
  • Transportation: mainly by fuel-efficient cargo ships.